“To be white is to be racist, period” Says Teacher to Students

Ahhh, the indoctrination of white guilt reaching its pinnacle, what a thing to witness.



People Who Kill Children

I remember some years ago I did a quick study of who the killers of children were. It was one of the most depressing studies I’ve done. I found that women and men were about equal as the perpetrators with the boyfriends of women in the highest category. Men tend to strike, typically in a fit or rage, the head or body while women tend to neglect, suffocate, drown etc.

“Ohio mom suffocated three sons…”
“Brittany Pilkington also said in the recorded police interview that she was depressed and worried her sons would eventually become abusive toward women.”

DMan Does Not Endorse The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation in Its Current Name & Form

My problem with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation is not that black artists are over-represented; 70/209 33% overall, 60% the first year, 66% the next, in 1991 6 out of the 7 were black and so on, but that fact that it has made race an obvious issue. They have clearly from the start sought to over-represent blacks, why I do not know. They have gone so far as to include a massive sized quote from Ice Cube, during N.W.A.’s 2016 Rock Hall induction acceptance speech, on their induction process description web page to I guess try to convince readers that Rap is really Rock and Roll. I get the impression they are yelling and trying to convince readers of what everyone knows just aint true.

Add to this they have nearly completely ignored Heavy Metal which is a hell of a lot closer to Rock and Roll than Rap and have completely ignored all its sub genres, for example I’d like to see Slayer inducted, whether or not one likes their music there is no question of their influence to all of Metal since 1981, success and staying power. The closest the R&R HoF has gotten to metal was in 2009 with Metallica. They have had three black Rap artists (where’s Eminem?) and are gearing up for their fourth in 2017 with Tupac Shakur, yet not one artist from any sub genre of metal, which coincidentally consists mainly of whites, maybe they’re waiting for that heavily influential “black” thrash band to nominate.

So this takes me to the heart of the problem. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ought to restate and recreate itself simply as The Music Hall of Fame and include all forms of music. If, as Ice Cube states, “Rock & roll is not an instrument; rock & roll is not even a style of music. Rock & roll is a spirit…not conforming to the people who came before you, but creating your own path in music and in life” and that is the criterion for selection then even Classical music can be included.

1983 Hall of Fame Foundation established by Ahmet Ertegun and others
1986 first inductee ceremony
1995 HoF Museum
1995 Led Zeppelin
2003 AC/DC
2006 Ertegun dies
2006 Black Sabbath
2007 Van Halen
2009 Run-D.M.C.
2009 Metallica
2012 Guns N’ Roses
2012 Beastie Boys
2013 Public Enemy
2016 N.W.A.
2017 Tupac Shakur (Nominee)

FBI Comey on Black Shootings by Police

Well, at least he got this right. (emphasis mine)

“Americans actually have no idea whether the number of black people or brown people or white people being shot by police is up, down, or sideways over the last 10 years. They have no idea whether black people or brown people are more likely to be shot during encounters than white people are. There is actually some recent research from a Harvard economist who focused on 10 major departments, analyzing over 1,000 shootings showing lethal force is more likely to be used against white people, while non-lethal force is more likely to be used against black people.”